Saturday, December 6, 2008

New Work


Alejandro said...

First one is great...!!!

Lindsey said...

.i like the sharks because they're cute. and make me laugh soo much. about you.
.the comb takes me back in time. it's a weird feeling.
.the bathing suit people are depressing and unhappy.
.the red splotches are exciting.
.the bed lady is hott. and actually what every little girl thinks they'll grow into. you nailed that.
.my sound comes out of my ears.
.are those birdies in love? where are they going?
.and that tree is falling with all the pong pieces. very contemp
.haha, and the scary Eddie-scarers.
.oh my nightmare. (but one of the bests.)
.those moths know what's happening.
.i hit a deer.
.i feel like that room had a moth in it before. red.
.it's like pretty pretty princess. with crowns made of dried glue
.the bird eyes.
.that ain't cpr, i'm pretty sure.
.ah! haha! i love this fishhh.
.so interesting.
.the butterfly one actually is breathtaking.
.these curtain ones make me wonder how you do it. .and that everything is everything-ish.
.bah! it makes me want wings.

Anonymous said...

i've been secretly using your collages as desktops for kind of a long time. do you want some money for that? totally worth it.

-kevin s.

laura said...

I've secretly been using pictures of your face as desktops for kind of a long time....I hope that's okay...

Kevin S. said...

seems fair to me