Wednesday, October 15, 2008

A list of possible jobs for Eddie as dictated by the kids I watch

1. baseball player for the cubs
2. cashier
3. bright and cleaners (it's a dry cleaners)
4. "would he make a good teacher?" "no. but he could be a substitute or maybe a library teacher"
5. pizza shop (dominos)
6. physical education teacher
7. work for white sox
8. peanuts (like 'get your peanuts!')
9. bartender
10. sell cars
11. mechanic
12. cleaner (like cleaning lady)
13. worker at jewel
14. cheese shop
15. cheese deli
16. starbucks
17. zoo keeper
18. daycare center
19. fix refrigerator
20. hospital doctor (like Molly)
21. an animal doctor
22. lifeguard
23. movies person

So, it looks like Eddie won't be 'bout that money when he grows up.
Not unless he lands that job with the cubs.


robbievermillion said...

i vote zoo keeper(that is one of my secret jobs i hope for)

danisabadass said...

I think a movies person probably makes some pretty good dough.

Laura said...

If their 'hospital doctor' meant receptionist at a doctors office, I bet 'movies person' means usher or ticket tearer.

Lindsey said...

he would be good at yelling about peanuts though.