Tuesday, December 18, 2007

grab bag season

It's that time of year again when people that see each other often, but do not know each other super well decided that they should organize a gift exchange. It's really a huge gamble but sometimes it works out to your benefit. Lindsey participated in a grab bag this year and she hit the jackpot.

I have never had good luck with the grab bag. When I was young and nieve this new concept of a random trade excited me. It took me a couple of tries to learn otherwise. In kindergarten I got an ugly glass clown. I remember that my teacher laughed a little bit when I opened it and I felt terrible. I bet I was expecting to open a pet kitten.

Either way, that disappointment was nothing compared to my pull in the second grade grab bag. Some kids got stuffed animals, other kids got pet kittens, and I got a box of fruit roll ups. for real. I know that fruit roll ups were the dessert in every kid's lunch box, and what kid doesn't love dessert, but come on. Everyone laughed and that meant I almost cried. As an adult I realize that the only person that should have been embarrassed was the kid that put that in the grab bag. You know that their parents were like 'grab bag? god damn it.' and then reached into the kitchen cabinet. And do you know what the girl that donated the fruit roll ups got? A diary. WITH A LOCK AND KEY. That's right. She got the best grab in the bag. I asked her if she wanted to trade and she said 'yeah right.'

Whatever, that girl was a snake. She made fun of me all the time. And then in fifth grade she asked me to pull her hair so that it would grow faster. I wasn't stupid. I told her that maybe she should try running in the opposite direction while I pulled.

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Kelly said...

looks like someone needs to clean their room....
as for your story, it was a good one.