Wednesday, August 22, 2007

the last day of august

today is the last day of august and I thought it might be nice to look back on this summer and then move on.
I have compiled some of my favorite videos taken this summer and I have also added some photos that sum up this summer break.

Eddie and I went into the big city. Eddie had never been here before.

If you look closely you can see that I carved 'daniel n laura' into the window behind me. Some things you just can't get over.

let's talk about the suburbs.

not yet 16

blonde and bubbly

how did I know this would happen?

this is a short film about a segway.

we took rainy's scooters for a spin in the hallway.

and the video to beat all other videos comes in the form of a series. It documents the story of a boy determined to spend his saturday knocking down a beehive. If you're looking for a hollywood ending, you won't find it here. I ran out of film before he could deliver the final blow with a football.

I hope you have enjoyed reading my paper about my summer vacation.


LeTigreMarty said...

i'm still mad that eddie didn't tell me that we had a beehive to play with in our front yard. selfish

Annie said...

How do you feel about this being the first "related" video to your blonde and bubbly video on youtube?:

I'd say it's pretty related.

laura said...

I think that's just a close up of my video.