Thursday, July 19, 2007

bigman's birthday

Here are some of my favorite pictures from eddie's birthday.
There are a lot of good ones.

Eddie turned 22 this year and he started the day by making waffles for everyone--something only eddie would do on his birthday.

we packed a picnic and went to the free decemberists show downtown.
joe, maura and marty met us there. lindsey came too.

joe and maura always look good. they are like that Beckham couple

In this picture eddie looks like a monkey holding a grape and marty looks like a new kid on the block.

now who looks like the new kid on the block?

I don't know if this was taken before or after they fed eachother grapes.

then they fed eachother beer

What do you know....marty finished first

eddie brought a date to his birthday, which I didnt expect,
but all in all it looks like he made out like a bandit this year.

thanks to everyone that came out.

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Anonymous said...

Eddie's birthday is my favorite day of the year - Kierstn