Saturday, June 2, 2007


so I found the old memory stick for my camera, and it wasn't empty. look what was on it. six pictures and a video of eddie on his porch. judging by my short red hair, I'd say that this is a time capsule from summer 2004. If you listen closely to the video I think that Eddie's voice is a little higher than it is now.

This was when we tried the cheese fondue instead of the chocolate and we hated it.

pretending to sleep.

This was at the priory.

These boys are best friends today.

I don't know where these ducks are from. My best guess is kristin's bathroom. Maybe they belong to maxima. I really don't know.

This was at TCBY. Really? This is the best you could do?


Lindsey said...

this is amazing. and maybe the ducks are you two?? i'm not saying, but symbology, you know.

and also 13 days. i just sent out a few emails and said 11 days, but clearly that is wrong. damn it.

Kristin said...

Those are so not my or Maxima's ducks

laura said...

let's get upset about it