Thursday, April 12, 2007

four years of glory

Today, April 12th, marks the four year anniversary from the day that Eddie and I started dating. A whole lot has happened in that period of time. I thought it might be nice to pause and look back for a moment.
We'll start a little bit before we met.

Here is a look at me on my 16th birthday. My sweet 16 party was like that cable tv show, except mine was held at a bowling alley.

So there I was. 16 years old in an all girls high school. Not a single boy for miles around. But who needs boys when you have friends like Kierstn Stewart? You don't really need boys....but one or two would be nice.

Oh, who am I kidding, Kierstn Stewart is all you need.

Meanwhile, just blocks away, Eddie was 17 and fit as a fiddle. How fit? Fit enough to fit into his sister's clothes.

He spent most of his time with Alex acting like characters from wes anderson films and throwing frisbees around.

And then we met. There he was - cuddling on Ellen's couch with Blair. He hoped that I would think this was funny, but it backfired and I just thought he wasn't into girls.
I gave up on him and then Tess delivered the message that Eddie had sent out two months earlier that he 'wanted to hang out.'
So we hung out - on a date. The date went well and a few days later I asked him to prom. Fast, I know, but you have to move fast when you go to an all girl's school.

So these are pictures from my junior prom. We had been dating for about a month at this point.

We liked each other a lot.

Eddie was a creep and a half when we started dating. He liked me way more than a normal person should.

He got along really well with my friends though, so that was nice.

Then we moved on to Eddie's senior prom. This one was really different from the first, but I still loved it. And Anne was there too. That was my favorite part.

After a lovely summer together, Eddie moved on to college. He left for DePaul and I hardly ever saw him again. Actually, I saw him all the time and loved every minute of it. This picture is from when he was in the dodgeball society there.
What. A. Stud.

In the fall we went to my homecoming. We bought our outfits together at GoodWill. My dress was $5. You can see that I was pretty sick then.

I had to go to the hospital but when I got out, I was doing much better, so I cut off all of my hair and dyed it red. I also dropped most of my classes, but that's a different story.

Below is a picture of us on my 18th birthday.

DePaul had a homecoming too, and it was amazing. It was held at the Field Museum and we could wander through all of the exhibits.

Eddie won.

Then we went on our last high school dance - my senior prom.

I was almost prom queen, but some other pretty girl won instead. It basically ruined my night.

Then I graduated, and moved on the the big University of Illinois. As luck would have it, Eddie just happened to transfer at that exact same time and ended up at U of I too. This universe works in mysterious ways.

And the rest is not really that interesting. Maybe I only feel like looking back on our relationship in high school right now. We're not done with college yet, so it all feels like one big blur. But there you have it.

Four years together.

This morning Eddie said "Four more years!" and I said, "Repeat the three-peat!"
Let's cross our fingers.


Lindsey said...

that's the most adorable picture book ever. but i'm going to go cross my fingers anyway, ok?

ZOE said...

lol repeat the three peat.